Sixty-eight years since the globe’s oldest refugee crisis began, the Palestinians have appeared in the imagination of world, fulfilling enforced cliches as victims, terrorists, freedom fighters and more. Yet they remain nameless and voiceless, their stories always mediated or told by others. As the question of Palestine continues to be pushed aside, generations of Palestinians have refused to be rendered invisible. Palestine’s artists and filmmakers have challenged and resisted being spoken for and have found creative ways to tell their own stories.

In recent years, Palestine has boasted a wave of filmmakers pushing new boundaries, reflecting a diverse people still struggling to find their freedom. Palestinian filmmakers continue to challenge the military occupation of their country as well as criticize their own representative’s failures, corruption and a degenerate peace process. Within these films are love stories, simple poems, dances, and a yearning for a life like any other. Each film reflects the individuals own voice. And each film is a piece of nation’s identity, yearning for more.