We would love to see you at the festive closing concert of the international music project Cantania, at the Centre for Fine Arts. Admission is free on Saturday, 5 May, when hundreds of Brussels students and teachers will be singing Shadow Child by the Belgian composer Jan Van Outryve. A cantata composed especially for Cantania and based on a story by Haryanti Frateur in which the author evokes her personal memories in a language of rare poetic force. Conductor Ayrton Desimpelaere and the Belgian National Orchestra transform the work into a universal musical story about a girl who sets out in search of her roots and her identity. But the real stars of the day are the children and their teachers who have worked all year to prepare this closing concert. So come and lend them your encouragement at BOZAR.

The following schools are participating:
Concert at 12:30:
Basisschool Lucerna, BS Carolus Magnus, Centre Pédagogique du Parc Astrid, Ecole Européenne Bruxelles IV, Ecole Frederic De Jongh (école n°8 ), GBS dertien, Singelijn, Sint-lukas basisschool, Unescoschool Koekelberg.
Concert at 19:00:
BS Hendrik Conscience, Centre scolaire du souverain, Ecole de la Sainte-Famille, Ecole primaire Charles Buls, GBS Paloke, Institut Saint Anne, Klavertje vier, Leidstarschool, Vier Winden basischool.

Composition: Jan Van Outryve
Text: Haryanti Frateur
Musical Direction: Ayrton Desimpelaere
Soloists: Aline Goffin, Nadia Hidali, Soetkin Baptist
Choreography, set design: Vital Schraenen

Piano : Katrijn Deneir
Musicians of the Belgian National Orchestra:
Sophie Causanschi, Sarah Guiguet, Akika Hayakawa, Ara Simonian, Filip Suys, Hartwich D’haene, Pierre Hanquin, Gabriella Paraszka, Peter Pieters, Tine Muylle, Lesya Demkovych, Robertino Mihai, Laurence Dubar, Arnaud Guittet, Jean-Michel Charlier, Luc Loubry, Jan Van Duffel, Guy Delbrouck, Nico Schoeters.