Concept: Tino Sehgal,
Interpretation: Boris Charmatz

Daniel Buren invites Tino Sehgal to present (Sans Titre) (2000). Created 16 years ago, the work seeks to expose theatrically the “scenic dance” of the 20th century, transposing the associated choreographic practices and corporal visions into an aesthetic order close to that of the museum. What would happen if the presence, the transformation into actions, the choreographic gesture itself, were adopted as models of social organization?   That is the major question raised by Tino Sehgal, who here renews with his past as dancer and choreographer. As is true of Buren, Sehgal’s creations are transient and  documented solely in the memory of the spectator. Sehgal, a Buren of dance? Answer at BOZAR on 19 May.