Papa Wemba was more than an artist for many African generations. He was a guide, a trendsetter, a brilliant innovator. Over a career spanning more than five decades, he constantly amazed from " Zaiko Langa Langa " through his legendary group "Viva La Musica " and his collaborations with renowned artists such as Peter Gabriel. Not only did he revolutionize the 60s Congolese Rumba by giving it a new "electric" or should we say “electrifying " sound, but he was also one of the major musicians to project African music on the international scene .
At the initiative of Klay Mawungu and Yannick Koy, several generations of artists, government representatives and fans will gather at BOZAR to celebrate his memory. With Papa Wemba’s music played by Congolese musicians from Belgium and France.

Song: Mom Nana Yan Koy, Chabron, Malage, Zico Man, Willy Bula, Adamo Ekula

Guitar + Keyboard: Kilosho J. P, Butterfly, Little Fish, Diapason, Thoms

Bass: Papy Muntu, Jakou Ilunga

Percussion Drum: Abel Mansia, Alonzo, Junior

Guest Artists and testimonies, Nathalie Makoma, Barly Baruti, Pie Tshibanda, Olivier Tshimanga, Ika de Jong (Media), Dizzy, Djo Mali, Freddy Massamba, Pitsho & Bady Banx

The Sape (the other side of Papa Wemba)
Parade: a brief stint on stage sappers
- Papa Wemba walked for Masatomo,
- The Sappe and his place in life of Papa Wemba
- The next collection YOSHI YAMAMOTO is dedicated to Papa Wemba
- Marcelle Etienne street in Paris with photos in memory of Papa Wemba