For years artists and cultural contributors have showcased their work and their successes in influencing the socio-political constructs called city or state. Public space (both physical and social) has always been a productive territory for debate. How have artists been able to inspire the socio-political narrative called European Union? Did their contributions manage to keep their political (as in critical and emancipatory) edge in inspiring policies? How do artists in Eastern European countries such as Romania tackle contemporary challenges raised by public spaces?

On 25-26 May, VOICES OF CHANGE will also present a video showcase of artistic interventions in public space in Romania, Slovenia, Georgia and Armenia, produced within the Caucasus-Balkan Express and Create to Connect projects. Featured artists include  Giorgi Khasaia (GE), Vahe Budumyan (AR), Tanja Radež (SI), Vilmos Koter (RO), Ciprian Butnaru (RO), Station House Opera (UK).

Vahe Budumyan, artist, Armenia
Istvan Szakáts, curator, AltArt Foundation, Romania (moderator)
Koter Vilmos, artist, Romania
Dirk de Wit, Flanders Institute of Art, Belgium
Rarița Zbranca, programmer, AltArt Foundation/Balkan Express Network, Romania
Frédéric Meseeuw, Bozar/A Soul for Europe, Belgium