BOZAR is looking for answers. Answers to the big questions of our times. In a series entitled ‘The International Selection’ a number of pioneering, young theatre makers from Latvia, Slovakia, Germany, Russia, Iran and Greece present their answers in the shape of universal themes that have confused or enraptured the people of old. Seyed Kamaleddin Hashemi switches between epic poetry and current affairs. Boris Pavlovitsj paints a touching portrait of a man imprisoned. Dirty Deal Teatro dives into the life and times of marine biologist James McClintock. The performance group She She Pop pokes fun at E.L. James’ Fifty Shades of Grey. Astorka Korzo ’90 Theatre presents a parody of life in Slovakia, while Anestis Azas and Prodromos Tsinikoris take an irreverent look the ideology of ‘purity’. Come and experience life in 'someone else's shoes', through seven surprising performances which cast a new light on today's world.