She She Pop concept – Sebastian Bark performer – Jean Chaize performer – Jonas Maria Droste performer – Fanni Halmburger performer – Lisa Lucassen performer – Fee Aviv Marschall performer – Ilia Papatheodorou performer – Susanne Scholl performer

Frank Wedekind's Spring Awakening of 1891 presented the teachers and educationalists of the day with a massive dilemma: how do we educate our children about sex without robbing them of their innocence? 125 years later, sexual emancipation is almost a matter of social duty. Nonetheless, Wedekind's apparently dated concerns still afflict the educationalists of today. As a hybrid group of self-appointed pedagogues, the performance collective She She Pop from Berlin uses explicit video staging reminiscent of some kind of macabre mediaeval dance. Unpredictable, and pure She She Pops.

PROGRAMME 13.01.2017 - 19:30
Exceptionally there will be no introduction on January 13.

PROGRAMME 14.01.2017 - 19:30, Terarken
Rika Ponnet & Karl Van den Broeck
BOZAR AGORA has invited sexologist Rika Ponnet along for a pre-performance interview.
Rika Ponnet runs the dating agency: Duet. She is a much sought-after relationship expert for TV, newspapers and magazines. In 2006 she released the book ‘Mijn leven als koppelaarster' (My Life as a Matchmaker) and in 2012 she won the 2012 Psychologies Book Award for ‘Blijf bij mij’ (Stay with me).
Karl van den Broeck (BOZAR) is in conversation with her.

The interview will be conducted in English.

 Free upon presentation of your entrance ticket.


20:30 : performance (Hall M)