How is the knowledge and expertise of participation transmitted to architects in training? Do they descend from other architects who seize upon this ideal in their professional practice? Can the intervention of architects “disenchant” that which is born of the terrain and spontaneity of “creative coalitions”? This study day will investigate, from the perspective of contemporary participative practices in architecture and town planning, the share of expertise which could and should be consolidated in knowledge and which can then be passed on via the different branches of education.

Speakers : Thierry Decuypere (ULB, V+),  Corine Sadockh (LRA, Ensa Toulouse, RAMEAU), Rob Hendriks (Academie Groningen), Dag Boutsen (KU Leuven) and Judith le Maire (ULB). 

Conference organized by Judith le Maire and Philippe De Clerck