James McClintock text – Toms Liepājnieks actor – Jānis Balodis dramaturgy – Valters Sīlis director – Ieva Kauliņa set design – Edgars Raginskis music – Jānis Sniķeris lighting design

On 2 and 3 October the Dirty Deal Teatro is putting on ‘Lost Antarctica’. This subtly humorous, audiovisual performance lecture is based on the literary memoires of James McClintock, an authority on Antarctica. Playwright Jānis Balodis and director Valters Sīlis focus in on the ecological changes affecting our planet. These are best observed at remote locations, literally the end of the world. Without rhetoric or melodrama, actor Toms Liepājnieks delivers a fantastic performance as a world famous scientist who, like a tireless Sisyphus, is trying to hold back the human impact on the environment.

On Monday 3 October the Belgian Antarctica expert and researcher Frank Pattyn speaks about Belgium’s special relationship with the South Pole. He will also be talking about ‘the end of the world’: in literal terms, in relation to the remote, inhospitable continent and figuratively on the dangers of climate change which are increasingly apparent on the South Pole. Director Valters Sīlis will also take part in the conversation.    

PROGRAM 03.10 
19:30 – interview in the presence of Frank Pattyn et Valters Sīlis Interviewed by Karl van den Broeck (BOZAR)
20:30 – Lost Antartica by Dirty Deal Teatro