Michal Vajdička director – Andrea Dömeová dramaturgy – Katarína Hollá costumes – Pavol Andraško set design – Marián Čekovský music – Zuzana Kronerová actress – Anna Šišková actress – Zuzana Konečná actress – Rebeka Poláková actress – Boris Farkaš actor – Ady Hajdu actor – Marián Labuda Jr actress – Marián Miezga actor – Juraj Kemka actor – Róbert Jakab actor – Lukáš Latinák actor – Tomáš Mrekaj actor

66% of Slovaks say they speak English, but only 33 % actually do. 90% think corruption is normal. 52% would prefer not to live in Slovakia, and just 11% feel truly happy. “Could that be the very same 11% of  Slovaks who are alcoholics, or is it another 11%?”, wonders director Michal Vajdička. ‘Empty Hole’ is a hilarious parody of Slovakian politics and culture. Eleven actors and actresses, known for their film and television work in Slovakia, improvise with figures derived from statistics, news headlines and opinion polls. This succession of quick-fire scenes offers a crash course in hectic Slovakian life.


19:30, Hall Terarken - Introduction by Frank Schlömer, former journalist De Morgen, specialist in Eastern Europe (In English, free entrance by presentation of theater-ticket Empty Hole)

20:30, Hall M - Empty Hole