Anestis Azas director, research, text – Prodromos Tsinikoris director, research, text – Margarita Tsomou dramaturgy – Eleni Stroulia set design, costumes – Zaira Falirea assistant set design – Eliza Alexandropoulou lighting design – Panagiotis Manouilidis music – Nikos Pastras video – Ioanna Valsamidou direction assistance – Liana Taousiani direction assistance – Vasilis Chrysanthopoulos executive producer – Nelly Kambouri video appearance – Yiannis Katranitsas marionettes – Lauretta Macauley actress – Rositsa Pandalieva actress – Fredalyn Resurreccion actress – Drita Shehi actress – Valentina Ursache actress

The political party ‘Golden Dawn’ would like to cleanse Greece and deport its immigrants. In this documentary / theatre play, Anestis Azas and Prodromos Tsinikoris turn the rhetoric around and ask: “Who actually does the cleaning in this country?” People from the Philippines, Eastern Europe, Asia and Africa. In this performance, five cleaning ladies talk about their work, in which they are faced with social contrasts on a daily basis, but in which there is also lots of laughter. A warm and vitriolic plea for solidarity in these times of crisis.

On 14 june, a conversation will be held with the directors at 7PM. The introduction will be in English. Free entrance upon presentation of your ticket of the piece.