L’Om DAdA: a performance by Gigi Căciuleanu | Text: Tristan Tzara | Translations in Romanian: Ion Pop | Cast: Gigi Căciuleanu, Lari Giorgescu | Direction, Choreography, Costumes and Soundtrack: Gigi Căciuleanu | Assistant choreography: Lelia Marcu Vladu | Lighting Designer: Cristian Petru Simon | Video Designer: Andrei Stefan Florea

A poetic dance theater, full of philosophical meanings, alive, current and profound - Gigi Căciuleanu, one of the best known Romanian artists worldwide.
The show was inspired by "L'homme approximatif" a text by Tristan Tzara, from whose birth we celebrate 120 years in 2016. For 60 minutes, the two dance actors, Gigi Căciuleanu and Lari Giorgescu, led the audience in the approximated reality of the Dada world, juggling between two playful planes, of impetuous youth and profound maturity, with two fluid languages, of poetry and movement. The DAdA poem incarnates itself from words combined into a sequence that is seemingly random, but very personal and unexpectedly current. Revealing moments are shaped by letters, words, hints, but also by the humor transpiring from random choices, choices that nevertheless shape a deeply orderly structure. So the audience understand "the heat the word weaves around its kernel" and allow themselves to be "approximated" by poetry which, according to the DADA founder’s beliefs, "is the only state of immediate truth".

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