Cinema, literature, art or music, this season BOZAR is flying the colours of the Japanese flag. The exhibition A feverish Era in Japanese Art. Expressionism in the 50’s and 60’s shows how, in the turbulent years after the Second World War, Japanese artists started incorporating material, form, texture and movement in their work after coming into contact with post-war art from the West. During the opening weekend artist Sadaharu Horio treats us to a never-before-seen performance in the Horta Hall. Ars Musica, the biennial festival for contemporary classical music, focuses on the rich Japanese artistic creation in dialogue with the West. BOZAR’s cinema programme immerses you in Japan’s rich tradition and culture, while it forges alliances with architecture in the film Intercalary Spaces. The full programme is provided below. BOZAR is putting on the cultural programme ‘Vision of Japan’ to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the diplomatic friendship between Japan and Belgium.