A highlight of the first edition of the Brussels Urban Landscape Biennial (BULB) - initiated by Celine Fremault, Environment Minister for the Brussels Capital Region - is the exhibition The Invention of Landscape: a Continuous Story.

An exhibition that stresses the importance of restoring value to the urban landscape, motivated by the desire to improve the quality of life in our towns and our conception of living together in society. The  brainchild of the landscape architect Bas Smets, The Invention of Landscape: a Continuous Story explores the notion of landscape through five forms of artistic expression represented by authoritative figures in their chosen disciplines:   Véronique Bücken for painting, Joris Van Grieken and Colin Dupont for engravings and cartography, Bruno Notteboom and Pieter Uyttenhove for photography, Michael R. Roskam and Bouli Lanners for the cinema, and Stefan Devoldere and Kristiaan Borret for landscape architecture.