19.00-20.00: Lecture-performance (FR, NL)

20.00- 20.45: Guided tour (optional)

This autumn BOZAR is following in the footsteps of avant-garde artists. Conductor David Ramael and the Boho4 String Quartet delve into the rich world of avant-garde music in the context of a three-part series of lecture-performances. You get to listen to pieces of music by revolutionary composers from the Second Viennese School, as well as musical extracts by pioneers such as Pierre Boulez, John Cage, Terry Riley and Radiohead. Quick-witted or strong reactions from avant-garde critics liven up the lecture-performance. When asked if he had ever conducted anything by Karlheinz Stockhausen, the renowned conductor Sir Thomas Beecham replied: “No, but I once trod in some. ”

After the performance you can join a personal guided tour in the exhibition The Power of the Avant-Garde. Now and Then.