What is the power of historical avant-gardes today? How are contemporary artists and poets inspired by them? Do they offer us a new or different understanding of the historical avant-gardes? 
BOZAR, the mdrn research lab (University of Leuven) and the literary magazine nY are organizing a day that highlights the avant-garde.


10:00 > 16:30 (lunch break 12:00 > 13:30)  Colloquium 'The Power of the Avant-Garde'

Six internationally renowned speakers draw on their individual specialities to cast a new light on the avant-garde. Every lecture will be followed by a discussion, introduced and hosted by Prof. dr. Sascha Bru (mdrn research lab/University of Leuven).

Tania Ørum (University of Copenhagen) on the neo-avant-garde
Aleš Erjavec (University of Ljubljana) on the avant-garde in post-socialist regions  such as Eastern Europe Tyrus Miller (University of California, Santa Cruz) on 'impossible' architecture that continues to build on the avant-garde
John Roberts (University of Wolverhampton) on the importance of the/an avant-garde in a capitalist age
Alex Goody (University of Oxford Brookes) on avant-garde literature, media and technology

20:00 > 21:30  Literary evening
The literary magazine nY looks at avant-garde and feminism. The writers Lisa Roberston (Canada) and Mia You (USA-South-Korea) speak about avant-garde, a new revolution and writing women. The talk will be hosted by the translator and literary scientist Sarah Posman.