BOZAR NIGHT has got something really special lined up, giving audiences the best of both worlds with powerful exhibitions and quality electronic acts. The headliner is Junior Boys, the Canadian duo that has just released a brand new album full of sultry mixes of industrial pop, techno and melancholic disco with an electronic soul. Helena Hauff is pretty much the best DJ around if you’re talking about dark techno, wave and postpunk. Dasha Rush brings us techno with a poetic edge. Amnesia Scanner from Berlin is treating crowds to a spectacular audio-visual experience with its leftfield electronics, while Hiele provides the most passionate home-grown techno-electronica. Ash Koosha serves up bold filmic post-dubstep and the surprising Japanese band Goat gives us a hearty serving of tribal noise. techno without electronics.

Music - 20:00 - 03:00
Hall Horta
21:00 Icy Fake (Proximus Music competition winner)
23:00 Junior Boys (CA)
00:20 Amnesia Scanner (DE)
01:00 Helena Hauff (D)

21:30 goat (JP)
22:30 Ash Koosha (Iran)
23:30 Hiele (B)
00:30 Dasha Rush (Ru)

Exhibitions - 20:00 - 01:00 (last entrance 00:30)
The Power of the Avant-Garde
Congo Art Works
A Feverish Era in Japanese Art
Picasso. Sculptures

Line Up
Junior Boys (CA)
Canadian duo Junior Boys released its 5th album this year after a five year hiatus. Pioneers in their very own way for what has become known as electronic soul (Jame Blake & co), the Boys have been collaborating with artists such as Jessy Lanza and Dan Snaith (Caribou) before returning to their own sound: a mix of industrial pop, with a techno awareness and a melancholic disco vibe.

Helena Hauff (D) - dj set
As a producer, musician and DJ, Helena has recently been at the forefront of the darker side of electronics. After releasing numerous 12'' and collaborative works, her first full album "Discreet Desires" was one of the best electronic records released last year and showcased her talents as a composer. As a DJ, Hauff plays music from the stranger, more psychedelic end of the electro, acid, techno, EBM, and minimal synth spectrum. 

Dasha Rush (RU) - dj set 
Dasha Rush is a Russian born dj, producer and musician. She has released music on labels such as Raster-Noton and has collaborated and created various audio-visual performances and installations. Dasha likes to push the boundaries of contemporary dance music to the limit, encourages experimentation with various musical (and non-musical) forms and assembles them into a thoughtful composition and interaction between the media. “In her strange and twisted world the machines are the protagonists of a neo-romanticism, weaved with human dreams.”

Ash Koosha (IRAN)
"To say Ash Koosha is an Iranian-born, London-based electronic musician is barely to scratch the surface of what this remarkable man is all about. A synaesthete who sees colours as sound, a virtual reality pioneer, a software humanist, a politcal cause celebre, a former rock musician and student of classical music, there are as many facets to him as there is texture in his fractal, complex, remarkable music."

Amnesia Scanner (DE) - AV show
Being quite a mystery, we don't know much about this duo. Their music is a complex yet euphoric mix of strange analog yet unsouceable sounds, composed on computer. Their visuals translate the same feeling, being slightly lost but enjoying it. We know they are affiliated with Berlin’s Janus collective (Lotic, M.E.S.H., Kablam). They contributed to "An Exit" from Holly Herndon’s Platform, and they produced a very interesting Mykki Blanco track. We're all very curious!

Goat (JAP)
As a muscial paralel for our Japanese avant-garde exhibition, we introduce the Japanese foursome Goat. Created around Hino, one of the musicians of the world famous Boredoms, the band has made jaws drop everywhere they have played. With a classical line up of drums, guitar, bass and saxophone, the band recreates an energetic and ultra precise take on minimalist techno, without electronics. And so much more.

Hiele (B)
Hiele’s music is hard to describe but has its roots in electronica, built upon a long time obsession for synthetic sound creation and jazz studies. On stage Hiele plays with expectation, going past what is considered conventional, blending improvisational and classical elements into a no-nonsense personal idiom. Hiele has released his music on his Antwerp based label Ekster, and as Roman Hiele he has collaborated in the realms of fashion, documentary film, theatre and art productions. Definitely someone to look out for in the near future!