In this first evening we experience the art of H.R. Giger and the music of his one time collaborator Joel Vandroogenbroeck. H.R. Giger's fantastic universe seems certainly tainted by its adoption into the worlds of tatoos and Head-Shops. In this evening we attempt to show the secret wondrous side of a dedicated surrealistic stenographer's effect on the fantastic planet. First, we will venture to Gigers' Swiss house to witness live sketches of his airbrush surrealism and to hear opinions and thoughts on his art by his dearest patrons. Next a Behind-The-Scenes look at his work for the film Alien, by Ridley Scott. On either side of these two shorts, the music of Joel Vandroogenbroeck will be played by Tshanda Sourate (electric guitar), Léonore Frommlet (flute) and Rémy Dechambre (keyboard).

HR Giger's Necronomicon (J.J. Wittmer / H.R. Giger, 1975, colour, 40 min, 16mm) 
Giger's Alien 
(Mia Bonzanigo / J.J. Wittmer / H.R. Giger, 1979, colour, 34 min, 16mm transferred to digital)