Joachim Badenhorst bass clarinet, clarinet, saxophone

Programme : Free improvisations (Jazz)

This season BOZAR is focusing on the avant-garde, in the broadest sense of the term, as it highlights artists who are not afraid to venture down untrodden paths. Such as Joachim Badenhorst. This young clarinetist divides his time between Belgium and the United States as he explores uncharted fields of sound in the company of experimental ensembles and musicians such as Han Bennink, Tony Malaby and Noël Akchoté. Badenhorst includes various forms of artistic expression in his compositions and is particularly interested in the interaction between sound and space, composition and improvisation. This clarinetist is therefore without any doubt the right man in the right place for this innovative concert in which the sounds and images of the avant-garde interweave so effectively.