A collectively run, non-profit organization based in Portland (Oregon, USA) Cinema Project works since 2003 to promote public awareness and critical understanding of innovative experimental film and video art from the past and present. Mia Ferm is a programmer and co-director of Cinema Project.

Hierarchy of Particles is a program of films and videos that explore particles and fragments of image and sound through a variety of formats – from image-processing of video signals, to high-contrast and hand-processed or manipulated celluloid film stock, and re-purposing film footage and warbled audio fragments.  

Du haut de ces pyramides, derrière – Yves Dymen (Petrov) (France, 2015, 16mm, colour, silent, 5 min)
Artifacts – Woody Vasulka (USA, 1981, video, 24 min)
H(i)J – Guillaume Cailleau (Germany, 2009, 16mm, b&w, silent, 6 min)
If the war continues – Jonathan Schwartz (USA, 2012, 16mm, colour, sound, 5 min)
Keying Distinctions – Peer Bode (USA, 1978, video, b&w, 3.5 min)
Second Sighted – Deborah Stratman (USA, 2015, video, colour, sound, 5 min)