LE GOUFFRE – Vincent Le Port
(FR, 2016, 52’, OV FR)
In the presence of the director
North Finistère. End of October. The off-season. It’s Céleste’s last day working on a seaside campsite. She is getting ready to leave when she hears that a child has disappeared without a trace.
Vincent Le Port
Born in Brittany in 1986, Vincent Le Port has a degree in directing from La Fémis. In 2012, he cofounded the production company Stank, where he develops and directs all his films, including Le Gouffre which won the 2016 Jean Vigo Award for short films.

L’ENCLOS DU TEMPS – Jean-Charles Fitoussi
(FR, 2012, 67’, OV FR)
In the presence of the director
Théophile spends his summer holidays in Italy, in the hills of Marche and enjoys the freedom of staying with his grandfather who has withdrawn from the world. As his grandfather is in poor health, Théophile calls Dr William Stein, who brought the old man back to life seven years ago. Stein sends his best nurse… who is given carte blanche to do whatever she pleases.
Jean-Charles Fitoussi
Born in 1970, Jean-Charles Fitoussi graduated in philosophy. He worked as an assistant to Jean-Marie Straub and Danièle Huillet between 1996 and 2007, and in 2001 he directed the documentary Sicilia! Si gira about the working method of these two directors. In the course of his career, he has directed 13 films, including six shorts. In 2013, L’Enclos du Temps won the Jean Vigo Award. His most recent creation is On Music or the Dance of Joy.