Working with past and present for a common future

Heritage is often considered as the preservation of objects, places and practices that are valuable and at risk, yet we can also think of it as a series of practices situated in present society, engaging with the past and with a common future. This event presents alternative ways of thinking about heritage. It links up with the research of critical heritage scholar and archaeologist Rodney Harrison, Professor of Heritage Studies at University College London and Director of the AHRC-funded Heritage Futures Research Programme. How does uncertainty about the deep future and the transformation of values affect heritage practice? “Forever is a luxury brand evoking quality" is a quote from the Heritage-Futures.org research site. Let's take it from there. 

Welcome by Jean Paul Van Bendegem/VUB
19:35: Lecture by Rodney Harrison/UCL: The Futures of Heritage
20:00: Reflection by Lionel De Vlieger/ROTOR
20:15: Reflection by Anna Rispoli/artist 
20:30: Open discussion with all the participants on heritage as a series of activities which are intimately concerned with assembling future worlds, on the stakes of relating heritage practices with each other and with contemporary societal concerns.

Rodney Harrison, University College London and Rotor (Lionel Devlieger)
Rodney Harrison is a central figure in contemporary debates in critical heritage studies and in the domain of archaeology of the contemporary past. Developing a cross-sectoral comparative framework for understanding 'heritage' in its most expansive meanings is the goal of an international research project which dr. Harrison is leading, entitled  ‘Assembling Alternative.