An open space where people can meet, enjoy themselves, savour the moment, sit, chill, dream…

Arts & Crafts
Coproduced by Roots Events, the “Brussels African Market” brings together the best Afropolitan creative artists, designers and craftsmen from Belgium and Europe. Amongst them : Maison Mopao, Ekeeya Wax, Kytokokytoko, Afro Racines, Noor Art, Africa United, Kitoko Wax, Anne Mukanda, Lutinta and Accro Art Afro. Meet them and talk with them!
Production: Roots Events

Beauty Corner
Conceived and hosted by House of Neb and Roots Ethnic, the Beauty Corner proposes all week-end long braided hairstyle workshops (following Yoruba tradition), scarves and thematic make-up.
Production : Roots Ethnic, House of Neb

African Keuken
Between different events, come and enjoy tasty African dishes.
Production : Banana Plantain, Toukoul

Open Mic
Slam moments in the Horta Hall during the three day festival are the opportunity to discover   young Belgian Afropolitan talents who master words and rhythm in French, Dutch and English. Presentation by our Master of Ceremony, Landry Mawungu of the Association Pro’Activ’Congo.
Production: Urban Woorden
Monica Kamara
Monica Kamara is a 19 year old and has been writing and performing poetry for almost 2 years. Her themes are usually dark and vulnerable. She has performed in Pianofabriek, Bozar, Le Space, Desingel, Arenberg Schouwburg and Vaartkapoen to name a few. She was also part of the international Contacting The World project in Manchester, England.
Anissa Boujdaini
Anissa is a slam author and spoken word artist. She pulls in audiences softly yet mercilessly with personal critical texts in a current of thoughts. She describes her work as ‘ simple words with a firm content’
Younes Van Den Broeck 
Younes van den Broek aka Spilter is a rapper, slammer and illustrator. .He also writes for, among others, KifKif and de Zendelingen. He has worked in Flanders, from Antwerp to Leuven to Gent, and abroad in the Netherlands and Germany. He also participated in an international youth project in Liverpool, UK.

Books and magazines
The web platforms Contemporary And, Afropean.com, the news or contemporary art magazines IAM, Notre Afrik, Le nouvel Afrique, and the bookstore Tamery, which presents everything excellent published on the Pan-African world, will be present at the festival.

Are you Afropolitan ? @  Terarken 2 hall
Answer this question freely in artist Freddy Mutumbo’s camera studio installed in Terarken 2, open all weekend long. Express your ideas, with imagination, humor, thoughtfulness… prepare your contribution to this question! The best takes will be compiled in a final video clip.