19.00 - 20.00: Lecture-performance

20.00 - 20.45: Guided tour (optional)

In this lecture performance, director David Ramael, the BOHO 4 String Quartet and Cécile Godefroy - curator of the Picasso. Sculptures exhibition - dig into the lives of Stravinsky and Picasso: two titans of modern art that have met in april 1917 via the renowned Russian choreographer Sergey Diaghilev. Their encounter led to the creation of Ragtime and later, Pulcinella. Inspired by the artistic creation and innovation that surrounded them in Paris before and after the First World War, both artists were engaged in the thorough rethinking of their familiar art forms. Dive with us into the Golden Twenties en meet up with Stravinsky, Picasso, Diaghilev, Cocteau, Satie, Milhaud, Breton...