Congolese born author and winner of numerous literary prizes, In-Koli Jean Bofane is internationally renowned since his novel Mathématiques congolaises  was published in 2008. Eurea is an unpublished play that will be read in full for the first time at Bozar within the frame of the Afropolitan Festival.  It stages the author’s vision on contemporary Europe and its history. The playwright chooses to turn the continent into a person joined by a number of emblematic characters. Thus Queen Eurea is a recluse in some fortress in company of her body-guard Drosso Masuka, Désirius, the Chief of the ogres, Nusrat her sister and Herr Doktor Jung. While an uprising she absolutely wants to ignore at any price is unleashed outside, Eurea seems completely at a loss …

Text: In-Koli Jean Bofane
Directed by: Michel Bernard
Eurea First: Catherine Salée
Drosso Masuka: In-Koli Jean Bofane
Nusrat: Raphaelle Bruneau
Desirius: Angelo Bison
Scenography: Thomas Delord
Music: Iannis Heaulme