Winner of the Paroles Urbaines 2013 Prize, Gioia Kayaga is one of the leading figures of Belgian slam. Directed by Pitcho Womba Konga, her creation Tram 25 is about her life: a young woman with a passion for words who goes about discovering the human mosaic of Brussels with her pen. Like this tram line that stretches between the posh parts of Ixelles and the popular areas of Schaerbeek, Joy takes us on an urban trip to the meet the forgotten ones, those you do not look at, to discover a multifaceted  town, and above all to learn about herself.
She celebrates Brussels’ diversity and togetherness but casts a sharp eye on the hidden failures of our society. Joy will share the stage with dancers and choreographers Les Mybales. “Slam is a way to learn to express oneself where you have to take care of form and content so that your public understands you; it’s a way of learning democracy where taking the floor is as important as listening […]” Gioia Kayaga

Author: Gioia Kayaga
Art Direction: Pitcho Womba Konga
Music Creation: Fabrice Devienne
Dancers: Doris and Nathalie Bokongo Nkumu