Cappella Andrea BarcaAndras Schiff conductor, piano – Schaghajegh Nosrati piano


Concerto for two keyboards, BWV 1060 Johann Sebastian Bach
Serenade, KV 388, "Nachtmusik" Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Concerto for two keyboards, BWV 1062 Johann Sebastian Bach
Ricercare a 3 (Musikalisches Opfer, BWV 1079) Johann Sebastian Bach
Ricercare a 6 (Musikalisches Opfer, BWV 1079) Johann Sebastian Bach
Piano Concerto no. 24, KV 491 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

For many years now, the Hungarian pianist and conductor Sir András Schiff has been taking to the stage at the Centre for Fine Arts, conducting as he plays, seated at his keyboard. He has never failed to impress us. An exceptional musician, everybody remembers his extraordinary last concert at BOZAR when he returned for an encore to perform Beethoven's  32nd Sonata in its entirety.  Also a very courageous man who was not afraid to risk being shunned by Hungarian society for questioning his country's slide into authoritarianism. Sir András Schiff is now returning to BOZAR with "his"   Cappella Andrea Barca, the orchestra of his own creation that brings together some of the finest musicians from prestigious international orchestras. The programme is both refined and extremely accessible, featuring works by Bach and Mozart.  Sir András Schiff has carefully chosen for this occasion two Bösendorfer concert grand pianos with a sonority that lends itself so perfectly to his two favoured composers.