Quatuor ÉbèneAntoine Tamestit viola – Antoine Lederlin cello


Ai limiti della notte per Viola Solo Salvatore Sciarrino
Trois strophes sur le nom de Sacher Henri Dutilleux
Ainsi la nuit Henri Dutilleux
Night Bridge, nocturnal poem for string sextet Quatuor Ébène
Verklärte Nacht, op. 4 Arnold Schönberg

Quatuor Ébène is considered to be one of the best string quartets of the moment. The quartet combines technical perfection and fresh, youthful enthusiasm to take us on a journey through the different figures of the night. The musicians get all romantic in Arnold Schönberg’s hitherto maligned but now beloved Verklärte Nacht (Transfigured Night). Intriguing beauty resounds in the bewitching masterpiece Ainsi la nuit, from the rare chamber music literature of Henri Dutilleux. And the stars twinkle in the jazzy Night Bridge, composed by the members of the quartet. No less than viola player Antoine Tamestit and cellist Antoine Lederlin join the ranks of the Quatuor Ébène and sweep you up with them in their enduring nocturnal solos.