Daniel Barenboim piano


12 Préludes (Livre I) Claude Debussy
Estampes Claude Debussy
Deux arabesques Claude Debussy
L'isle joyeuse Claude Debussy

Daniel Barenboim is a living legend in the world of music, admired for his qualities as a conductor and his mastery of the piano. The artist will join us accompanied by his Barenboim-Maene piano – a first in Belgium! This new instrument, which combines the feel and the power of a modern piano with the range of colour of the pianoforte, is, according to Barenboim, the perfect tool to translate the poetic and profoundly sincere inner world of Claude Debussy. An artistic approach that the composer once described in the following words: "The sound of the sea, the curve of a horizon, the wind in the leaves, leave us with a multitude of impressions. And suddenly, without our wishing it at all, one of these memories spills from us and finds expression in musical language." This recital marks the launch of the year of Debussy, on the occasion of the centenary of the composer’s death.