Brussels-born photographer Hilde de Windt is fascinated by the vibrant energy brought by African citizens to the city. In 2013 she started photographing daily life in African communities of Brussels, trying to capture the colors, the zest of life, and the mix of cultures. Following the tracks of her subjects, she rediscovered her hometown, and even parts of history unknown to many. Her photographs dig into the streets of Matongé, hub and symbol of the African presence in Brussels, from beauty parlours, to hip hop music, weddings, shows, activists and newcomers. "To Matongé or not to Matongé" is a part of a larger photographic project on the African diaspora in Brussels. It's about the duality of living in two cultures, the thrill and the longing, the past and the present.

Hilde De Windt studied photography at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in The Hague, NL, and Scandinavian literature at the University of Ghent. She has led a career as a reporter, editor and producer for the Flemish Radio and Television. Her genuine passion since long for the art of photography, and her professional experience inspired her to take on documentary photographic projects. Looking closely at people through her camera is a way to understand mankind, and their coping with time and memories. She has exhibited in Brussels, Rotterdam and The Hague. Hilde De Windt was born, has lived, and works in Brussels, a continuous inspiration for her work.