Ricercar Consort Ensemble – Philippe Pierlot conductor


Paduana à 5 (1668) Dietrich Becker
Concerto II. Zion spricht Matthias Weckmann
Aus der Tieffen Christoph Bernhard
Sonata (to be confirmed) Johann Adam Reincken
Wie liegt die Stadt so wüste Matthias Weckmann
Wenn der Herr die Gefangnen zu Zion erlösen wird Matthias Weckmann

Our trusty Ricercar Consort, led by Philippe Pierlot, dedicates this second Abendmusik to Weckmann's vocal oeuvre. But the programme also features a certain Christoph Bernhard, who accompanied Weckmann in 1663 in Hamburg, where both were said to be working. Moreover, Bernhard was in the musical ensemble, Collegium Musicum, formed by Weckmann to give weekly concerts in the cathedral. Weckmann was clearly lyrically sensitive in his vocal music, which led to expressive music and a preference for recital instruments.