Let the energy of the past flow through the present! 
 ̶  Aurore Després, Gestes en éclats, 2016

On 19 January 3 artists, 25 pupils and 4 teachers from the Institute Sainte-Marie take inspiration from the performances of Japanese artist Sadaharu Horio and the experimental Japanese performance group Gutaï. Expect an evening of swirling happenings and interactive performance, interwoven with in-situ art and silk screen printing for 7th year pupils and above. Brussels artists Parole, Obêtre and Luis Pôlet (POP) shine their light on the expo and seek answers to questions like “how can you live and imagine yourself in a distant culture and zeitgeist?” or “how do you stop time in an exhibition, for the evening, by moving around and bringing the works back to life?” Come along and join in!