Collegium Vocale Gent Hathor ConsortPhilippe Herreweghe director


Madrigali novamente composti a 5 voci Orlandus Lassus
Madrigali a 4-5-6 voci, novamente composti Orlandus Lassus

Collegium Vocale Gent and Romina Lischka's instrumental Hathor Consort join forces under Philippe Herreweghe, to devote an entire programme to the late madrigals of Renaissance great Orlandus Lassus. The programme focuses on the so-called Mermann Madrigals, published in 1587, which Lassus dedicated to the Bavarian doctor Thomas Mermann, who had attended to him after a suspected cerebral haemorrhage. Though he would never be the same again, the composer's old fire can still be felt in these heady madrigals: the music is expressive and lively, and Lassus brings every word to life.