ClubMediévalThomas Baeté director – Olalla Aleman cantus – Griet Degeyter cantus – Daan Verlaan tenor – Tore Denys tenor – Elisabeth Seitz psaltery – IctusMichael Schmid flutes – François Deppe cello – Luca Piovesan accordion – Michael Grebil Liberg electronics


Origami, for flute, cello and accordion Klaus Lang
Madrigale e Ballate Paolo da Firenze
Deploratio I (Francisco Guerrero in memoriam), for cello Jose Sanchez-Verdù
Deploratio II (Franco Donatoni in memoriam), for flute and cello Jose Sanchez-Verdù
Zuria, for accordion Jose Sanchez-Verdù
Diptych (creation), for acoustic instruments & live electronics Michael Grebil Liberg

With “Ars Novissisima”, Ictus and Club Mediéval create a dialogue between the 14th and 21st centuries with the aid of poetic associations. Paolo da Firenze is a notable figure from the end of the 14th century. Anchored in the ideals of courtly love, his music has participated in the mutation of western sensitivity that came about in this era, thus heralding the arrival of the Renaissance. To this will respond, amongst others, a creation by Michaël Liberg; the artist, who is as difficult to categorise as he is exciting, brings together the two ensembles around a new work inspired by the hypnotic loops of Robert Fripp, guitarist of the famous progressive rock group King Crimson.