Luisa Palicio dance – Milagros Menjibar dance – Ana González voice – Sebastian Cruz voice – Miguel Pérez guitar – Alejandro Cruz piano

Flamenco is inherent in the body movements and graceful presence of flamenco dancer Luisa Palicio. She is not originally from Seville, but went there to train under Milagros Menjibar, one of the key figures of the Seville school, who will join her on stage for this exceptional evening’s entertainment. The Seville School is characterised by its elegance, which is particularly striking as it concentrates on the movements of the arms and upper body, rather than on the feet. Dressed in a bata de cola (dress with a long train) and a mantón (large silk shawl), also particular to this town on the Guadalquivir River, Luisa Palicio pays homage to the pearl of Andalusia which has welcomed her and filled her with its spirit. Simply called Sevilla, the show recreates this atmosphere with its rituals, its faith, its love of music, song and of course, dance. This promises to be a great moment of joy, in the company of two of the greatest flamenco dancers.