Gerardo Núñez guitar – Carmen Cortés dance – Ángel Sánchez " El Cepillo " percussion – Pablo Martin double-bass – Antonio Carbonell voice

Gerardo Núñez is without doubt one of the best guitarists of our time. His music is in keeping with tradition, but he has managed to open it up to other influences, such as jazz and South American music, without going so far as to betray the musical tradition he has inherited. The talented musician is very much in demand and, as a consequence, has collaborated with numerous high-profile international artists in different genres, from the tenor Plácido Domingo to the rock group Mecano, by way of the variety singer Julio Iglesias and the famous composer Andreas Vollenweider. Gerardo Núñez is also a composer and creates rich, varied and particularly powerful music. Don’t miss this occasion to see and hear him in the company of his quintet, a very ‘flamenco’ group, which consists of musicians, a vocalist and… a dancer, as you might expect!