From 2 to 4 March, BOZAR will be taking on the colours of flamenco. This musical genre which first appeared on the scene in 18th century Andalusia, and features in UNESCO’s List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, is today celebrated throughout the world. Brussels, where a large Spanish community has made its home since the 1960s, also has its own flamenco scene, with its dedicated venues, guitarists, dance academy and singers… so it’s only natural that BOZAR is devoting a festival to this rich and varied genre. 

From saetas, which testify to the sacred dimension of flamenco, to the entrancing dances of the flamboyant Eva Yerbabuena. From Gerardo Nuñez, one of the greatest flamenco guitarists of our time, to Esteban Murillo, a young Belgo-Spanish singer who is paying homage to his cultural heritage. From the Seville School, that we are placing in the spotlight with the dancers Luisa Palicio and Milagros Ménjibar, to the documentarie devoted to Matilde Coral, the icon of flamenco. The BRUSELAS FLAMENCO FESTIVAL is the perfect way to experience the enchanting magic of flamenco, in pretty much all its forms!