Het CollectiefThomas Dieltjens piano – Wibert Aerts violin – Liesbeth Baelus violin – Vincent Hepp viola – Martijn Vink conductor, cello – Jonathan Focquaert double-bass – Toon Fret flute – Julien Hervé clarinet – Philippe Ranallo trumpet – Bruce Richards horn – Alain Pire trombone – Tom De Cock percussion, cymbalum – Ties Franken percussion – Elise Caluwaerts soprano


Musique d'ameublement (Tenture du cabinet préfectoral - Carrelage phonique - Tapisserie en fer forgé) Erik Satie
Ragtime, for 11 instruments Igor Stravinsky
Sequenza III (voice) Luciano Berio
Serenade Alfred Schnittke
TemA Helmut Lachenmann
Pavan no. 2 after Purcell Peter Maxwell Davies
Rapsodie Nègre Francis Poulenc
Sonata Erotica, for soprano solo Erwin Schulhoff
Karawane (poem) Hugo Ball

Het Collectief is one of the most exciting chamber music ensembles in Belgium. The group has developed a unique sound over the years, with a fascinating mix of wind instruments, strings and piano. In its repertoire, Het Collectief walks familiar and less familiar paths from the 20th century. In its new programme entitled Fiftieth Anniversaries of Madness, it concentrates on the musical antics of 1918 and 1968, under the influence of the Dadaist and surrealist movements. The point of departure of this slightly theatrical presentation is the inevitable return of the madness in 2018. Research has proven that the madness is revived every fifty years... Information or pure speculation? We’ll let you decide.

Did you know?

  • 50 years of crazy

    1918 and 1968. Two years, two different eras. Half a century apart, but linked by madness.

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