Pol Bury had a remarkable track record in and with the ‘Centre for Fine Arts’ and this has left quite an impressive trace behind in the archives.

Bury made his very first appearance at the Centre for Fine Arts in 1947 for the ‘Jeune Peinture Belge’ exhibition. With CoBrA (1949), Art Abstrait (1953), Lumière, mouvement et optique (1965) and the solo exhibition 25 tonnes de colonnes (1973), as a result of the Robert Giron prize, he made his presence known in ever greater exhibitions. Robert Giron, the former director of the Centre for Fine Arts’s
‘Verenigingen van Tentoonstellingen’, was one of the driving forces behind the young Bury on the Brussels art scene.

The Archive of the Centre for Fine Arts has conserved unique documents and exquisite illustration material from Pol Bury’s long series of shows. They span a period of seventy years, from 1947 right up until the retrospective exhibition of 2017. A virtual presentation via the BOZAR Archives’ online application relates the relationship with Robert Giron’s forty-year career, as an in memoriam of his death, half a century ago.