And then Camille came into our lives, rendering present the cross-stitched generations of the not-yet-born and not-yet-hatched of vulnerable, coevolving species. Proposing a relay into uncertain futures, I end Staying with the Trouble with a story, a speculative fabulation […] Gestated in Science Fiction writing practices, Camille is a keeper of memories in the flesh of worlds that may become habitable again. Camille is one of the children of compost who ripen in the earth to say no to the posthuman of every time. (Donna Haraway)

Donna Haraway reads her science-fiction short story The Camille Story, Children of Compost, an inter-species fable for making a livable world for all, recently published in her book Staying with the Trouble. Making Kin in the Chthulucene. Followed by a conversation with Isabelle Stengers (ULB).