Ballaké Sissoko kora – Vincent Ségal cello

‘The lines between cascading kora and stately cello are wonderfully blurred at times, as the pair take turns to supply rhythm and melody (…) Entrancing stuff.’
The Guardian


Their unexpected collaboration has blown the music world away. Their 2009 album Chamber Music was deemed one of the best albums of the year by, amongst others, The Guardian, Le Monde and NPR. Since then kora player Ballaké Sissoko and cellist Vincent Segal have been engaged in a musically astounding conversation. As absolute masters in their respective fields (the Mandrago tradition of the griot for Sissoko, classical music for Segal) they can fully concentrate on what transcends these traditions: breathing, listening, reacting to one another and to the beauty of the moment. Their understanding runs so deep that these two extremely different instruments seem to speak with one voice. Watching two outstanding musicians at work, who, in an almost eerie way, are on the same wavelength, is undoubtedly a unique experience.


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