Fabio Correnti conductor – Lorena Bellina flute – Vito Castagna oboe – Marco Salvaggio clarinet – Calogero Lupo trumpet – Giulia Perriera percussion – Giovanni Conciauro piano – Emmanuel Bravo violin – Federico Botta viola – Loredana Patricolo cello


Phantasmagoria Bent Sørensen
Attempt at Screaming Peter Kerkelov
Seirénes Salvatore Passantino
Chanson pour la Mort d'une Goutte Marco Salvaggio
Utopia Davide Spina
Fabaria Maria Chiara Casà
Introspezione Giovanni Pizzitola

The Ensemble of Contemporary Music is unique in its genre. Created in 2013 within the Bellini Conservatory of Palermo, it has given itself the task of promoting contemporary music and in particular the new generation of composers. After performing at prestigious festivals, the Ensemble of Contemporary Music is stopping off at BOZAR for an amazing concert which will bring together works by established figures, such as the Danish composer Bent Sørensen and the young Bulgarian prodigy Peter Kerkelov, and the very latest creations by promising students from the Conservatory of Palermo. If you fancy discovering something new then this Sunday morning concert is just the ticket!

This concert is presented in the framework of Rostrum+: a cooperation project co-funded by the Creative Programme of the European Union and coordinated by the International Music Council that aims to rethink the ways in which contemporary music connects with audiences through radio network by exploring new strategies to develop audiences, promote new music, enhance the skills of radio professionals and inspire cooperation between musicians, higher music education institutions and broadcasting companies throughout Europe and beyond. The programme is the result of a one year creative process steered by Ulrich Hauschild, Director of BOZAR MUSIC, through an initial one-day workshop and continued monitoring throughout the academic year.

This concert features pre-, in- between and after-concert talks between the audience, the musicians and a music specialists for a travel inside the music itself.