Dance the night away listening to electronic music while visiting our exhibitions: this is BOZAR NIGHT! This time, in collaboration with Europalia, the night has a distinctly Indonesian flavour.



EXHIBITIONS > 20:00 - 01:00
Ancestors & Rituals – EUROPALIA INDONESIA
Power and other things. Indonesia & Art (1835-now) – EUROPALIA INDONESIA
The Archaeology of the Screen. The Estonian Example
Jean Glibert. Peintre en bâtiment.


MUSIC > 20:00 - 03:00

Paula Temple – 01:00
Ellen Allien – 23:00
DC Salas – 21:00

Dea Barandana – 24:00
Wolf Müller (LIVE) – 23:00
Otto Sidharta (LIVE) – 22:00


Ellen Allien (D)

As a dj, producer and label manager of her Bpitch Control imprint, Ellen Allien has established herself as a major artist of the electronic scene since the last two decades. Her characteristic sound of Berlin techno, mixing acid, techno and minimal is always a guarantee for an eclectic dancefloor session highlighting her legendary dj skills. A true honour to have her set fire to the Centre for Fine Arts!

Paula Temple (UK)

Having released music on Belgium's legendary R&S label and on Jeff Mills's Axis label, Paula Temple is one of the new leading artists of banging techno. Her hybrid sets of live manipulations and dj-ing have become a strong value on the ever-evolving dancefloor culture. She mixes abrasive techno with abstract elements of electronica and noise while retaining a highly emotional value in her music. A killer act to close this edition of Bozar Night.

Wolf Müller (D)

The sounds of German producer and musician Wolf Müller (aka Bufiman) are characterized by percussion, mouth harp, snippets of conversation, gongs and bells. Adding elements of disco, funk and ambient music to the mix, he creates a unique and instantly recognizable universe.Europalia invited this descendant of Krautrock to discover the rural music of Kalimantan (Borneo). He recorded and assimilated traditional music and collected typical instruments of the region that he will play during his concert. This strange mix of German funk and Indonesian tribal traditions promises to be particularly intense!
In the framework of Europalia Indonesia

DC Salas (B)

The upcoming Bussels-based dj and producer has quickly made a name for himself after the release of his first EP "Peru" followed by various other EP's and plenty of remixes. He recently released his first LP "The Unspoken" to international acclaim, a mix of warm, melancholic and sensual electronics with hazy beats featuring collaborations with Joy Wellboy and Mirror Minds. DC Salas is a master in taking the audience to his own contagious melodic road.

Otto Sidharta (IDN)

Indonesia's first electronic composer, Otto Sidharta, creates imposing electronic soundscapes with sounds he has collected in the country's megalopolises and jungles since the 70's. Contemporary music is a relatively recent phenomenon in Indonesia. During the 1970s, a group of composers and musicians formed the Suita collective to promote contemporary music in the country and provide a forum for discussion and experimentation. Sidharta, a pioneer of Indonesian contemporary music was the first to use computers in his compositions. His masterpiece Sri Inwan, for example, was exclusively composed from modulations, clarinets and digital percussion. Brussels' mythical Sub Rosa label has just released an anthology (CD and LP) of Sidharta’s work.
In the framework of Europalia Indonesia

Dea Barandana (IDN)

With his sunny sets that mix tropical disco, obscure grooves and electronic music of all genres, DJ Dea (aka Aradea Barandana) is one of the most popular DJs on Bali. His evenings attract legions of Indonesian and international fans. After attending one of his concerts at Bali’s Potato Head Beach Club, Gilles Peterson (BBC Radio) said it was one of the most brilliant sets he had heard in the last decade.
In the framework of Europalia Indonesia