With :
- The artists from Viva la Musica (Luciana de Mingongo, Fafa de Molokaï, Chabrown le Maha, Ramazani)
- Manuaku Waku alias Pépé Fely 
- MJ30 
- Mary Jo
- Olivier Tshimanga 
- Color Rumba
- Les Valeurs sûres de Bruxelles
- Défile Haute couture with the fashion house Kaat Tilley
- Défilé des Sapeurs de Bruxelles et de Paris

Papa Wemba, who died in April 2016, was more than just an outstanding artist. He of course revolutionised Congolese rumba, however he remains above all in our collective unconscious, a smuggler of musical memory who brought African music to the other continents. One year after the concert organised at BOZAR as an homage to Papa Wemba, the Centre is once again opening its doors to celebrate the memory of the co-founder of Zaïko Langa Langa and Viva la Musica. The members of this legendary group will play with the same vigour that he put into his music. Pépé Fely, the guitar wizard who began in Zaïko Langa Langa with Papa Wemba, and the group legendary drummer, Mary Jo, will also join the party. As will MJ 30, one of the most fascinating voices of Congolese rumba and the guitarist Olivier Tshimanga, two artists whose talent made a deep impression on Papa Wemba. The Brussels group Color Rumba and Valeurs Sûres de Bruxelles will also call in at the Centre. And the cherry on top, BOZAR will be hosting haute couture, with a fashion show from the Flemish creator, Kaat Tilley. And this Sapeur fashion show will remind us of Papa Wemba&rsquos penchant for the SAPE (Society of Ambiance-Makers and Elegant People), a touch of class for this event that is not to be missed!
The artists from Viva La Musica (Papa Wemba's band): Luciana De Mingongo Ramazani, Fafa de Molokai, Chabrown Le Maha
But also, Pépé Fely, MJ 30, Olivier Tshimanga, Mary JO, Yannick Koy, Malage de Lungendo, Petit Poisson, Patient Kusangila, Papy Muntu, Jean Paul Kilosho, Jacqou Ilunga, Alonzo Lezin Mpoutou, Maurice Poto, Nadra, Bellhystone. 
Artistic direction: Jean Paul Kilosho
Conductor: Papy Muntu