Fabrizio Cassol saxophone – Michel Hatzigeorgiou bass – Stéphane Galland drums

“Aka Moon music remains mysterious while offering a myriad of different interpretations”

De Morgen


Aka Moon need no introduction.  The distinctive trio have been forging their unique path for decades. With their open approach to the world, the trio have already worked with musicians from Central Africa and India, for example. From the Balkans to Bach, from Cuba to Scarlatti: the epic curiosity in time and space of this legendary group continues to impress. In 2017 they are celebrating their 25th anniversary with a concert tour and a new album. For this they are going back to basics, to the roots of the core trio. Expect an eclectic mix of jazz, rock and world music, but above all a trip through the inspiring world of Aka Moon themselves. 

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