Take a good hard look at how it moves, how it springs, listen to how it squeaks, how it growls, how it moans, listen hard, take a good hard look at how it stirs, not much, a tiny little bit, it barely moves and it stops, and it repeats.”

 ̶   Eugène Ionesco


If you want to truly experience the work of Pol Bury, then you need to devote the necessary time to it: Bury’s sculptures hypnotise, intrigue and surprise because there is no regularity in the mysterious movements or stolen moments when everything stops moving. On 8 April you can experience the exhibition Pol Bury. Time in motion in a consciously slowed down mind set during the Slow Art Day. Along with a guide you will concentrate on a few highlights and take the time to make time ‘tangible’ by calmly observing, sketching, thinking and dreaming.


Free upon presentation of your entrance ticket to Pol Bury. Time in Motion.


Experience it for yourself on Saturday 8 April, between 10 am and 12 pm, at the Centre for Fine Arts.


More information on Slow Art Day via www.slowartday.com.