Shanghai Chinese OrchestraMa Xiaohui erhu – Hu Chenyun suona – Jin Kai dizi – Wang Yinrui percussion – Tang Muhai conductor – Chen Yan erhu – Zhu Yanyun erhu – Yao Xinfeng erhu – Ding Long erhu – Chen Shi erhu – Tang Yunli pipa – Yu Bing pipa – Zhao Zhen sheng – Lu Shasha zheng – Li Lin zhongruan

Conductor: Muhai Tang


The 16th of February 2018 marks the beginning of the Chinese new year of the Dog. It is the perfect occasion for the Shanghai Chinese Orchestra to present the rich Chinese musical heritage. The musicians will perform traditional Chinese music, arrangements of Chinese opera works as well as contemporary compositions created for traditional instruments as Erhu, Pipa, Yangqin and Ruan. The audience gets the chance to discover various ethnical music styles of China: from the horse-head fiddle from Inner Mongolia to the Cantonese melodies of the Gaohu . A moderator will guide the audience on this intriguing musical journey through China allowing a deeper appreciation of China’s musical traditions and its typically warm and colourful sounds.

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