Focusing on the beauty of the human body’s structure, often in its naked state, the series of photographs highlights mankind’s innate equality when stripped of social construct, the beauty of the bodies’ sinuous lines representing the higher ideals of equality and tolerance. The constant, dynamic use of fabric serves as metaphor for the historical and contemporary constrictions excercised upon the LGBTIQ community and its will to break free from such limitations.
Kris Micallef’s “Underwater Love” is a commentary on the authenticity, vulnerability and freedom of LGBTIQ love. Crystalline waters act as backdrop for the unbridled expression of authentic self, unhindered by societal norms and judgement.

About Kris
Kris Micallef, born in 1988 in Malta, began his career in photography through his fascination with beauty and the human form. Kris graduated in Architecture and Civil Engineering in 2011 after reading for his degree at the University of Malta. His architectural background influences his photographs - order, geometry, light and beauty are keywords synonymous with Kris’ photography.

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