The BOZAR interactive guided tour is counting on the personal experience of the pupils. An enthusiastic guide gets pupils thinking, gathers spontaneous impressions and links them to the pervading theme of the exhibition. Reasoning, creative thinking, looking and feeling are matters of utmost importance during this visit. Are you working on a specific theme or project? Then let us know about it. Our guides tailor their tours to the needs of every class and are happy to take your expectations into account.

Discover the current exhibitions for which you can book an interactive guided tour:

09.02 — 03.06.2018
Fernand Léger. Beauty is everywhere

23.02 — 27.05.2018
Spanish Still Life. Velázquez, Goya, Picasso, Miró ,... 

28.02 — 27.05.2018
Hugo Claus. Con Amore

20.06 — 19.08.2018
Europe, Europe