Studio - 13:30


Bo-Bars: Bô Soley & École Baron Steens

Jo Lesco, direction ∙ leiding

Les Fatmas de Belgica & Voci di Molenbeek

Carmen Sanchez & Laïla Amezian, Anne van der Plassche direction ∙ leiding

Les Enfants du Phoenix & Son du Quartier

Jovic Mafuta & Jo Lesco, direction ∙ leiding

Intersongs is a project which aims, with the aid of song, to encourage the encounter between Brussels groups from diverse cultural and social backgrounds. All the while keeping their specificity, these groups do something which is not usually part of their repertoire, find out about themselves, exchange and create together. The goal is to enable people who at first sight wouldn’t have had much of a chance of coming into contact with one another to learn to get to know each other better, thanks to the vocal and human experience that they have shared. After a series of editions focused on adult community choirs, this fourth edition brings froms pairs with varied social and vocal identities.

Intersongs is a project of the Jacques Franck Cultural Centre, with the support of the French-speaking Public Service in Brussels within the context of Social cohesion.